MICE Overview

MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions. There is a good reason why MICE is so highly popular in the corporate world. 

Companies realize that their success depends to a large extent on the people and stake holders. This includes employees, field agents, vendors, distributors and dealers spread over a wide geographic region. One of the best ways to reward them is not by giving them gifts but by inviting them to participate in corporate meetings and conventions that are one part of an event that includes corporate travel, stay in hotel and entertain all organized by business travel agents. It is one-way companies reward all those who have contributed to the success of an organization and its growth. As premier meeting and incentive planners we here at TravelOcat design a package that gives true value for money and enhances brand value of a company. Corporate meetings and incentives take on new meaning and added dimension when garnished with entertainment and fun. 

TravelOcat organizes MICE according to a client’s objective and budgets. We have a qualified team of experts with years of experience in organizing exhibitions, meetings, conventions that act as incentives to those connected with a company to do better. With a flair for innovation we make sure that each experience is unique and filled with activities that contribute to a company’s objective as well as keeping all participants entertained. 

When you think of MICE for a group of people, cost does become an important consideration. With our experience in serving corporate and business travelers we can make budgets the starting point for MICE tours but with no compromise on quality of services or experiences. Our innovative and interesting package includes travel, organizing conventions or conferences at specific locations, entire catering arrangements, accommodation, sight-seeing, interesting activities, marketing collaterals and full support from start to finish. We can organize exhibitions meeting at any location in India or abroad and do it with finesse so that the whole event goes off smoothly with no hiccups. 

If you want your MICE tour to be successful and achieve the desired objective, turn to us and we at TravelOcat will go the extra mile to create a package that impresses, incentivizes and motivates all participants. Meetings can take place anywhere but when done in a fun way with lots of entertainment at novel sites, the effect can be stupendous and long-lasting. Leave it to us and you will be happy with the results. 


A business operates with the involvement of many people. From employees to field staff and vendors to dealers, everyone contributes to a company’s growth and success. Meetings are a part of corporate life and the days are gone when such corporate meetings are held in dreary boardrooms in the headquarters. The novel, exciting way to hold meetings is to make them a part of a MICE Tour. TravelOcat, the finest business travel agents offer excellence in organizing meetings at attractive destinations anywhere in India or abroad and thus bring value addition besides motivating and incentivizing participants. 

For a meeting to be a resounding success it must go off smoothly from start to finish. TravelOcat team of professionals take meticulous care to organize meetings and schedule each aspect with perfect coordination. We discuss conferences meetings with your staff and decide on the venue and each tiny part of the meeting. Our professionals assist in taking care of marketing collaterals to be used at the meeting. In addition, when we help you pick a venue we go on to coordinate equipments to be used such as audio visual aids and public address systems. If a venue is picked and a time fixed, you can leave it to our team to take care of logistics. As experts in corporate travel we have the infrastructure and capabilities to arrange for pick up of executives from their hotels and transport them in time for the scheduled meeting. After the meeting we can make transport available to take them back to the hotel or for a sight-seeing tour. 


Companies must perform well and keep climbing higher if they are to stay ahead of the competition. People are its strengths and this includes employees as well as dealers and to some extent the vendors of a company. The contribution of each determines the overall performance of a company. How would you, as a company, keep them motivated to stay on top all the time? The most common way is to offer incentives linked to performance. This may be cash or gifts. However, these are routine and taken in their stride but without much effect. 

A better way is for you to approach us at TravelOcat, masters in organizing incentive meetings and corporate travel that will deliver superlative experiences. We help you plan meeting and incentive travel infused with entertainment and exotic experiences by selecting locations in India or abroad. If you really wish to show you care for people who contribute to your success, then give them a proper incentive by inviting them to be part of MICE tour.

How does it make a different as an incentive? Gifts or cash rewards are limiting in that one can easily put a value on them. An incentive tour organized by TravelOcat, specialist meeting and incentive planners, is something else. Here you are offering your stakeholders an experience on which it is not easy to set a value. Give them a happy experience and the memory is priceless. A tour of local or international destinations creates an impression and keeps them motivated far better than any gift you can give because it shows you care for them enough to go to the trouble of organizing an event specially for their pleasure. 

Incentive tours can cost quite a lot but with our expertise and experience as leading business travel agents we help you manage budgets and develop an innovative plan in keeping with your objective as well as the people you target. Regardless of whether it is a local or international destination, we go to extra lengths to ensure a smooth experience and ensure that each moment is entertaining, a period they will remember for ever and do even more to give back to the company what they received. An incentive meeting that forms part of a tour delivers more impact and here too, we make it our business to make such meetings even more immersive and enjoyable instead of dull and drab affairs. 


TravelOcat, professional business travel agents offering corporate travel and corporate meeting services as part of its MICE services, offers exceptional conference and convention arrangements.

When it comes to holding conferences meeting or conventions you can make it a plain official affair or you can transform it into an extravaganza that raises your brand value. There are no two questions as to which people would prefer in terms of ROI and impact. Our team of experts serves corporate and business travelers and is well experienced in organizing conferences and conventions. You can organize a conference as a single event and pick a location in your city or pick any location in India or abroad, or make it a part of MICE tour. Regardless, you can leave all arrangements for the conference to our experts. We are meticulous in planning and our teams will discuss at length your requirements and objectives. We recommend suitable locations for the conference and when you pick one, we give you a precise estimate of costs and the locational benefits. Then our teams take over to make all arrangements that would generally cover:  

  • Printing of invitations and marketing collaterals
  • Picking suitable give ways and keeping them in readiness
  • Coordinating with the venue owners, fixing schedules and making all arrangements
  • Logistics
  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Audio visual and related equipment

When you engage TravelOcat you know you can trust us. We have experience and we have served thousands of organizations with our MICE services. Our focus is on delivering exceptional value, 100% satisfaction andan enhanced brand image for your company. 

Why TravelOcat?

• We have a dedicated team to handle conferences and conventions as part of our greater MICE offering. 

• We not only arrange venues and take care of the minutest details but also make related arrangements and have our staff on site for coordination before and during the conference.

• As experts in arranging corporate meetings and conferences meetings we provide custom services to suit objectives and budgets

• Everyone’s needs are different and with that in mind we design solutions from ground up after detailed understanding of what you expect

• Once conference is over we can deliver a report if you like to help you make an informed analysis of the outcome. 


TravelOcat is your trusted partner for organizing superlative MICE events. As part of our service offering we take care of exhibitions. Exhibition services can be divided into two categories: 

Organizing exhibitions: A company may wish to organize an exhibition of its products and services. In this case our team of professionals combines with yours to come up with a solution that is not only cost effective but also unique and stand out. You can expect TravelOcat, specialists in exhibitions, meetings and conferences to bring the same level of expertise to this event as they show in all their fields of operations. 

Assisting you in taking part in exhibitions: Companies may wish to participate in national level or international level exhibitions. In this case making all the diverse arrangements could prove to be a headache. Turn to us at TravelOcat and we take care of all arrangements starting from travel to marketing collaterals and even making arrangements for staff to man booths. 

The TravelOcat advantage for Exhibitions: 

When we play the role of organizing exhibitions on your behalf we take care of everything. This includes site booking, preparation, stall designs, inviting participants, organizing publicity campaigns, synchronizing with various sub-contractors and vendors and making sure that the event becomes a superlative success. 

When we play the role of assisting you in participating in exhibitions our team gets into action with a carefully prepared plan. Our services in this regard cover coordinating with organizers, booking stalls, taking care of the stall design and layout, printing of signboards and hoardings to increase footfalls, printing and design of marketing collaterals as well as design of handouts, keeping track of visitors and assigning staff to man the booths, travel arrangements, hotel and catering arrangements for your teams, logistic support to move demo products and plenty more. Once we are on the scene you can concentrate on your routine business knowing we are there to cover all bases. 

If we have earned the trust of our clients it is only because we leave no stone unturned to help you succeed beyond expectations and realize more value for your money. The success of exhibitions depends on the image you create and with our advertising and marketing skills we plan and design just right for the perfect impressions. Get in touch with us to know what we can do for you in exhibitions.