Meghalaya, the land of floating clouds is an incredibly beautiful tourist destination in India. Meghalaya Tourism takes you to one of the Seven Sister States of Northeast India where natural beauty is found in plenty. The two colours which beautifully describe Meghalaya are white and green. Its lush green landscapes, picturesque surroundings and white clouds and mist playing an enchanting drama never fail to capture the hearts of tourists. It would be no exaggeration if we call Meghalaya a 'dramatic land'. The term 'Meghalaya' means 'the Abode of the Clouds'. Plan a Meghalaya Tour and experience and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature at its best. Shillong is the capital city of this state. The history of this state goes back to the tribes of Jaintya, Khasi and Garo which were the first inhabitants of this state. Book from a range of Meghalaya Tour Packages and take an enchanting Meghalaya Tour of a land that is sheer magic in every aspect